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What are the latest trends in SUBTLE Style?

In theory, these Promise Rings For Couples could be anything you wish to make them, but the reality of it defines its rules.

These rings can be made of solid metal, include a single stone that is special to the wearer or clusters of stones. They are also available in smaller solitaire rings. These rings can be stacked and mixed with other styles. They are perfect to wear on a daily basis.

Another category are rings with sculpted architectural shapes and designs, where the texture of the metal highlights the interesting style. Wedding rings for promise should be matched. You can choose any design you like to gift your boyfriend this ring as a gift.

Keep in mind the basic rule that rings with smaller stones and subtle designs can be worn by males and females alike. They are also simple to style. Even if you choose the ring as a surprise and without the involvement of the person you love, it will work well with the majority of jewelry collections.

Pick the unisex rings or rings with identical stones, but with more masculine and feminine designs "for the two of you". One of the elements will work regardless, whereas the other will showcase your uniqueness.

Nearly a Proposal (BUT not yet) WHAT FORM ARE PROMISE Rings presented, and at what times?

Presentation of rings for promise is a vital step taken from two viewpoints: first, you tell your loved one you'll be marrying them. Then, you tell that the marriage has not been planned specifically yet but it's not an official proposal. A ring for engagement is the first step in launching that happy celebration that comes before marriage but this time, the engagement ring is still to be announced.

Make this ring presentation sweet but casual, it should be far from grandeur and the flamboyance of engagement (where all the family members can attend to witness video footage, and later cry with joy). This is only between two of the two of you. It's not a formal engagement, so don't get on your knees. It's likely to be totally in error.

The next step is to consider the issue about whether it is appropriate to make an engagement ring (or accept one) in a relationship. It should happen when you both have decided to commit and marry one day. The time for dating without commitments is over and it's now time to celebrate this occasion with this band.

So before you do this initial step of committing, take time to talk to your loved one about the plans you have in mind. If they are in agreement and both are waiting for a time before the formal proposal, you could purchase and gift this engagement ring (or swap rings) to make sure you've confirmed to one another that the proposal will take place sooner or later (or that you are completely committed to not walk down the aisle).


A PROMISE RING & AN ENGAGEMENT Ring - Are they the same?

There is no way to say that they are the identical. An engagement ring refers to the idea of a proposal, a particular wedding date and start of the wedding preparation process while a promise ring is the promise to propose later or to pledge to the person you are proposing to like in a marriage.


Promise rings are a symbol of an agreement to marry (but they don't mean an offer) Engagement rings are a reference to a engagement rings and the set date for marriage, and eternity rings represent a special event in the marriage, like the 1st anniversary or the birth of the child. They get their name because they feature small diamonds circling the entire band or encircling the front part of the band, the which is visible to people when the ring is on.

How do you choose the ideal moment to give a promise ring?

Every time you decide to remain in these long-term relationships. This ring promises to be a means to celebrate the moment for both the two of you and provide fresh ideas about the future, such as an engagement. Make it a private event. Make it a private event solely for the engagement rings.

MODELS and STYLES: HOW to choose the ring which will be stylish?

They could be of whatever style you and your partner fancy, but it's recommended to keep them delicate and subdued (no boring). The most suitable choices are simple metal rings, subtle sculptured pieces such as stone cluster rings or one-stone rings. So, they won't attract unnecessary questions but are flexible enough to suit every outfit you pick for everyday wear.

What hand and which finger should a ring of promise be worn?

Place it on your middle finger or ring of either hand. When it is placed on the the left hand the ring can be associated with engagement.

THE RIGHT WAY TO DO it: How do you present A RING OF PROMISE to your loved ones?

Create a cozy and casual affair, only between you. You should only give the rings after you have discussed the future of your relationship and both of you have the same dream. Be sure to emphasize that this is not an invitation, but promise rings are symbolic of the possibility of a proposal in the future.


Purchase a ring at the jewelry shop that is trustworthy and will provide customers with a variety of designs. There are websites dedicated to rings made for weddings, engagements, and promise-making. You'll surely find something distinctive. An added benefit is the ability to change the size of your ring at home if you need to.

Following the ENGAGEMENT party - WHAT DO YOU DO with the promise ring now?

Promise rings are tiny and delicate, so they can be put together with an engagement or wedding ring. They can also be mixed with other rings.

IF YOU GET RUINED What should you do? Ring or return it?

This is a complicated question and it is contingent on the final decision of two people together. If you choose to swap rings with your ex, you will get the ring that you gave to him, and the reverse is true. If the relationship has soured, you may choose to keep the rings as they are or exchange the ring that was gifted and refusing to accept the ring received. The ring will lose its significance when you decide to keep it. It's just another piece of jewellery in your collection of jewelry.


A commitment to love and affection is important aspects of our lives, and accessories and other items that help us remember of important moments are invaluable. Select the most appropriate rings for your beloved and they'll be reminded of how much you love them. Our shop is a reliable partner in making this important choice of rings for a promise in an intimate relationship.


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