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A variety of grooms tailored for each individual pooch, see more below

Long-Haired Full Groom

From £55

Bath, Brush Blow Dry, Full Body Styling, Eyes, Ears Clean & Nail Clip

Short-Haired Full Groom

From £45

Bath, Brush Blow Dry, Eyes & Ears Clean & Nail Clip

Bath, Brush & Blow-Dry

From £30

Bath, Brush & Blow Dry 
(Great for in Between Grooms & Muddy Days)

Puppy Groom (3-6 Months)

From £20

Bath, Brush Blow Dry, Eyes & Ears Clean, Paw and Face Tidy (If Needed) & Nail Clip


(All Add-Ons are In-Addition To Groom Price)

Nail Trim


If your pooch is in need of a nail clip walk ins are available as well as booking appointments

Nail & Paw Tidy


This includes a nail clip as well as shaving/trimming the paw pads if they have overgrown hair - This helps to provide your pooch with better grip on the ground, which also reduces the risk of matting in-between their paw pads

De-Shedding Treatment


Used for double coated pooches (Husky, German Shepherds etc) helps to maintain a healthy coat

Includes a de-shedding shampoo & conditioner, coat spray and de-shedding brush out

Pick & Mix

4 for £6

If you're stuck on how to pamper your pooch or pup, why not check out our Pick & Mix!

  • Blueberry Facial (Soap Free)

  • Fresh Breath Foam

  • Fresh Breath Gel

  • Paw Butter/Balm

  • Body Conditioner

  • Ear Clean

  • Spray of Luxury Fragrance

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